This page demonstates C# and .Net code.

Each demo is in a WinZip file.
The demo source code is in Miscrosoft Visual Studio 2003 Solutions.
The executable is in the ~<name>/bin/Debug/<name>.exe directory. If you don't have Visual Studio installed, you will need at least the .NET Framework 1.1 Redistributable installed.

SiteMap v1.1 - Web Page scraper

      This application is an example of a Web spider, aka page scrapper. It uses multiple threads and HttpWebRequest to down load pages from a web site. The pages are individually parsed in worker threads. In this application, the HTML anchor tags are extracted and each HREF is enqueued into the thread pool for continued processing. Thus, the whole site will be traversed eventually if the start page is connected by some chain of HREF. The output is sent to xml. All the links are sent to the outputText pane. Broken links are marked ERROR. So if you happen to haven any bad HREF on your site, this will tell you. That is a cool application right there if your are managing a large active site. Version 1.1 adds support for the Robots exclusion protocol. This is a standard way for a web site to request a page scrapper not index certain pages. Useful if the site has a lot of dynamic content.

Download SiteMap Demo

IsServerUp - Continuously polls a list of web sites and indicates whether the server is up.

      This demo is a simple utility to monitor multiple web servers. The WinForm lists if your server is up or down and for how long. It reads a list of urls from a file Config.xml. Then it creates a thread pool, one per URL, and gets web pages from each URL. The state of the web servers being up or down are stored in a DataSet and displayed in a WinForm with DataGrid. This is also a good demo of Threads. The actual HTML is loaded and read so it would be possible to scrape dynamic pages for data if they have a simple format.

Download IsServerUp Demo

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