This page demonstates C# and .Net code.

Each demo is in a WinZip file.
The demo source code is in Miscrosoft Visual Studio 2003 Solutions.
The executable is in the ~<name>/bin/Debug/<name>.exe directory. If you don't have Visual Studio installed, you will need at least the .NET Framework 1.1 Redistributable installed.

Using System.Reflection with the TreeView Control

      The .Net Tree view class is one of the most useful .Net controls for displaying complex data. This demo shows how to create a series of TreeNodes that correspond to an object and its contained objects. I also use reflection to walk the object Type information. Reflection allows arbitrary unknown objects to be examined and displayed.

Download TreeView Demo

Simple Animation, Threads, Sound, Graphics

      WinForms can get pretty boring. You can spice them up with various animation and effects. Here, I use WinForms, Images and Window Multimedia to make a very simple Wack-a-Mole Game. All the graphics are 2D and very simple. This adds simple motion and sound to a standard GUI.
      The sound system uses PInvoke to use the Windows API since .Net does not have sound support built into the base classes.
      The Threading system is also interesting. Many applications have a GUI that communicates with a data generating system in another thread. This demo is doing that in a safe manner.

Download Animation Demo

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