Links to projects Karl Meissner has worked on.

Karl Meissner's Resume

Here is my blog Classy Software in an Exceptional World

I have developed realtime controllers using embedded Windows XP, the ArchestrA control environment and C#.

I developed CWareIDE. This is a network performance analysis tool in Java. It is designed for the C5, a chip with 16 onboard parallel MIPs processors being developed by

Karl made video games for the PC. Here are some sites set up by fans:

Sinistar Unleashed: a spaceship game - more pretty than fun
a magazine preview

Civilization: Call to Power - a turn based strategy game
the official discussion board
Interstate 76 - 3D car crashing - my first game
a fan site
game magazine article uses us as an example of good design

Before working on video games, I did various research projects on Artificial Intelligence for the Army, Navy, and Air Force using neural networks for about 5 years. They don't have web sites for security reasons.

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